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Be Healthy Beverly is part of the Y’s Pioneering Healthier Communities initiative, which is built on the concept that local communities can work together to ensure that healthy eating and physical activity options are within reach for everyone who lives, works or visits Greater Beverly.

Our goal is to help make our community a healthier place to live by making the Healthy choice the Easy choice. With that in mind we hope you will take some time to visit our site to see how we can help you live a more active, healthier life.

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Making an Impact in the Community


Be Healthy Beverly recently completed a program of introducing a pioneering program that teaches Beverly 3rd graders how to grow their own vegetable garden, allowing them to learn first-hand (through a Science, math and Social Studies curricula) about healthy eating, nutrition and global agricultural and environmental issues.

You can find out more on the success of this initiative here.

The Y’s mission is to create healthier communities, not only within our walls but outside them in our neighborhoods. We hope to inspire these classrooms to live a healthier lifestyle by teaching them to grow their own foods and about the nutritional science behind eating.
Judith Cronin, Executive Director of the Greater Beverly YMCA